Base currency is to be selected by the fund manager during the application process. Automatic currency conversion occurs when the different currencies are used for fund's base currency and investors' accounts.

Fund mangers are either Private or Public. Public PAMM funds can be set up when the fund manager is willing to disclose his/her data and attract investors. If you want to operate only for undisclosed private customers, you can sign up as a Private Fund Manager.

Fund status is not able to change.

It is the public PAMM fund's name that will be displayed on the PAMM web page.

Fund's profit/loss calculation intervals can be either weekly or monthly based on the fund manager's preference. Profit settlements will be done in the weekends ( based on MT4/MT5 server time) and the distribution takes place directly to the investors' accounts.

1.Management fees will be set up when the fund managers sign up for the PAMM fund. Calculation/Settlement takes place based on the valuation intervals (weekly or monthly).

2.Profit distribution takes place when (Total equity - Total invested capital) is greater than 0.

1.Management fees for private PAMM cannot be altered in any case.

2.Management fees for public PAMM cannot be altered in any case.

You can terminate a fund on the PAMM fund's configuration page by turning off "Fund Activation" when there are no active trades.

For Private PAMM funds, private passwords are sent to invite potential investors.

1.Ownership Ratio = An investor's capital in the PAMM fund / Total invested capital in the PAMM fund

2.Investor's profit = (Total equity - Total invested capital) * Ownership Ratio. Final profit is after taking into account for the management fees.

3.Profit settlement is only available when the there is a positive performance: (Total equity - Total invested capital) > 0

eg. Investor A's funds $10,000, Total invested funds $100,000, Management Fee 10%.
Fund's total equity $105,000
-> Profits : $450
= ($105,000 (Fund's equity) * 10% (Ownership Ratio) - $10,000 (Investor fund))- $50 (Management Fee)

AdenaSoft PAMM fund program does not guarantee profitability for any fund managers. It is the investors' responsibility to carefully select the funds before making investment decisions.

Please refer below for the withdrawal process for the PAMM fund investors.

1.You can apply for withdrawal amount from the withdrawal menu or terminate investment from the setting menu to withdraw the entire amount .

2.The withdrawal application and investment termination application will be processed upon PAMM rollover.

AdenaSoft PAMM fund program does not allow fund managers to withdraw funds from the PAMM account. Fund managers have no authority over investor funds other than management fees.

Profits will be settled to PAMM investors' accounts.