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PAMM Fund Manager

AdenaSoft PAMM systems provide the fund managers with the best technology built for the highest level of efficiency integrity.

Our system allows the fund managers to manage private and public funds separately. Settlements are done weekly and monthly programs.

PAMM Investors

AdenaSoft PAMM website provides the investors with the tool to check real time funds' performance with easy on boarding process. Profit distributions can bet set up for weekly or monthly depending on the preference regardless of the amount. PAMM web interface has real time positions as well as performance reports for fund analytics.

AdenaSoft PAMM Systems Benefits

Fund Manager Data Analysis

We provide real time fund performance reports. You can also manage your risk by using our analytical tools.

Weekly/Monthly Distribution

Both weekly and monthly profit distribution are available for the fund managers' to choose from. All distribution takes place automatically with the utmost accuracy.

PAMM web login page provided

PAMM web pages are available for both fund managers and investors. All settings can be done in the PAMM web interface.

Private/Public Option

You can set up your fund's data to be either public or private. For public data, anyone in the world can see and participate.